Native Grass Seed From C & H Mills Farms

Harvey and CindyC & H Mills Farms is a family owned business from Murdock, NE. We provide certified and common native grass seed at competitive wholesale prices with family-friendly service.

We understand retailers distributing our seed need a high quality product that is profitable for them.

Harvey Mills and his wife Cindy each have over 25 years in the native grass seed business. Before starting C & H Mills Farms they both worked for retail native seed companies. They saw the demand for native seed and a need for more quality growers to provide seed to retailers. Since they both enjoyed the native grass growing process this was a perfect fit. The company has expanded and now includes two of their children. However, they have not outgrown their friendly service.

We primarily sell certified seed that is grown under strict rules and monitored by the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association. For seed to be certified it must be the progeny of foundation or registered seed. It must also be inspected during the growing season by a state certified inspector and only cleaned by certified conditioners. When selling our certified seed, we must follow strict guidelines for tagging and distribution. All of these certification rules ensure the seed you are getting is the highest quality available.

Check out our varieties to see what seed we grow and our inventory page for seed currently available for shipment. Contact us if you have any questions about our seed or for prices.